Halloween in the UK is not as big a deal as in other parts of the world.  One just has to lurk on crossdressing forums to know what a massive festival it is in the Americas, north, south, and central.  Over here it is much more low key, and probably because of the age of the country there is still a background level of perceived malevolence surrounding it which prevents us from embracing it as other cultures have.  You have to hunt quite hard to find a halloween event, and even then I suspect only a fhalloween3ew attendees spend much time or money on their outfits.  We still have a trickle of Trick or Treaters, a custom borrows from the USA in the late 1970’s, but even that is pretty halfhearted.  There is of course a little nasty element each year with the

local ner-do-wells stamping on peoples carefully carved pumpkins, and although it is tempting to put a sharpened spike in there, I’m sure Mr. An Ms. Plod would be none too pleased, even if they had some sympathy.  So this year we had a party.  I bought a dress especially from Lindy Bop, but o course I was too cowardly to wear it to the party, and went as, well, I don’t really know what I went as, but it did involve a long wig, lots of face paint, and fake blood.

However two days later was what Mexico celebrate as  Día de Muertos.  This gave me a perfect opportunity to do a little crossdressing.


My Lovely wife made sure the kids knew  to leave me alone, so I had a couple of hours to get a photoshoot in.  Now there are those who would cry Cultural Appropriation, but as our little island has been invaded, and has invaded so many countries over the years, pretty much all of our culture is appropriated from somewhere.  Now as you will see from the photo’s my makeup leaves a lot to be desired.  However I was rushing, and also was using pretty old, and cheap facepaint.  i did like my lipstick though.  Anyway that’s the ghoulies away for another year.  I hope you all had fun!


2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Hi Jenny. It has been a long time since I heard from you. Glad you are keeping well. Halloween is massive here in Derry which apparently hosts the biggest Halloween festival in Europe if not the world. It lasts for a full week and thousands arrive into my adopted city from all over the globe. To be frank though I have little time for the festival simply because we did not celebrate it at home when I was growing up. So if you want a big Halloween event hop on the ferry to Larne or take a plane and make your way to lovely Derry on the banks of the Foyle. I should PM you very soon and update you on what I have been up to.

    Michelle x


    • Hi Michelle, I shall have to look that festival up. It is funny how how these things go on, but slip under one’s radar. All well here, but blogging obviously hasn’t been my priority for a while. I look forward to hearing from you 😊


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